5 Types Of Injuries You Do Not Want To Ignore

Injuries are common in everyday life. They can happen at work, during recreational activities, in car accidents or while doing normal tasks in your daily life. Whenever an injury occurs, it should receive medical attention to avoid long-term problems with pain or lack of normal function. Physiotherapy  can help to strengthen muscles and ligaments to prevent further damage to tissues. Here are five injuries you should not ignore, or you may find yourself managing a painful, lifelong condition:

1 – Back Injury

A back injury should always trigger a visit to your doctor to ensure that severe damage to the bones, disks or nerves to the spine has not occurred. Receiving appropriate treatment at this time can prevent years of pain and disability in later years. Early physiotherapy for a back injury can help to strengthen muscles that support the spinal column, providing better function and prevention of further problems.

2 – Knee Injury

Over the years, knees take a considerable beating. Even normal wear-and-tear can lead to osteoarthritis and other problems. If you have incurred a knee injury, you will be well advised to receive medical treatment immediately to ensure to prevent further damage to bones and supporting tissues. A physiotherapist can be helpful in providing exercises to strengthen these structures.

3 – Shoulder Strain

Shoulders range of movement is almost 360 degrees, and a variety of activities that involve the use of the shoulder can cause an injury. Lifting and carrying tasks, athletic activities and car accidents are the most common causes of shoulder injuries. To prevent the need for more extensive surgery later on, individuals should get immediate treatment for an injury involving the shoulder.

4 – Neck Pain

Neck pain can occur through injury to the spine or from repeated motions. When it occurs, the pain can impair movement and disrupt sleep. An orthopaedic physician can provide effective treatment and physiotherapy to allow healing of tissues and prevent long-term neck problems.

5 – Ankle Injuries

A trip or fall on the ice can cause a severe injury of the bones of ankle or surrounding structures. If not properly treated, this type of injury can lead to long-standing problems with aching on use or weakness that can lead to additional accidents.

Early intervention with treatment and physiotherapy can prevent long-term problems that can have a negative impact on daily activities. Consultation with a trained physiotherapist can ensure the prevention of further injury and can restore full function to the affected area.