7 Reasons to Consider Installing a French Drain System

Tough and unexpected flooding problems can leave you feeling vulnerable and at the mercy of the weather. Move excess amounts of water away from your home and off your property by having a plumber install a French drain system.

1. Routine Standing Water On Property

Your lawn and property can flood frequently for a myriad of reasons. It can be due to unlevel surfaces, localized drainage backup, or simply a lack of drainage access for water to leave your land. Installing a French drain can help direct it away from your property and leave you with a less soggy yard. You can learn additional information at

2. Constant Flooding Basement

Finding your basement flooded after any sizeable rainfall is more than a frustration. It means your foundation is in jeopardy and can eventually fail due to water damage and soil shifting. Installing a French drain in the right location can lead this water away from your foundation and home.

3. Consistent High Water Table

Soe soil contains higher levels of water than others. A high water table means you will experience flooding after heavy rains. The addition of a French drain can minimize the impacts of flooding rains. It can be added to basements or critical areas of your property that frequently flood.

4. No Moving Parts to Break Down

A French drain system installed by a professional plumber is one that has no moving parts to worry about when it comes to maintenance and repairs. It’s an effective and relatively inexpensive way to solve the toughest drainage problems. You will not even notice it’s there, yet enjoy the benefits each time it rains.

5. Easy and Fast to Have Installed

Professional plumbing services can install a French drain system easily and without it taking weeks to complete. Experts will determine where the drainage problem is located and create the right plan to install the French drain where it’s most effective. Your flooding issues will go away.

6. Your Home Has a Retaining Wall and a Hill Nearby

Placing your home near a hill with a retaining wall sets yourself up for potential flooding into your basement and around your foundation. Water from rain will drain down the hill and collect near the retaining wall. It’s important to install a French drain system to move this water on away from the retaining wall or house to avoid structural failure and water damage.

7. Long-Lasting Drainage Solution

A French drain rarely experiences problems beyond clogs periodically, or the need for pipe replacement every few years. It’s one of the most maintenance-free drainage systems available.

A qualified plumber can install a French drain system quickly and bring a long-lasting solution to any property flooding problem.