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VIDEOS BY Sandra Grant, Clinical Dietitian / Nutritionist, B. Sc., P. Dt.

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    Easy does it - 2010.11.01

    Small changes to your diet over time ultimately lead to greater nutrition success. 

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    The winning combination - 2010.11.01

    Eating the right foods at the right time gives you the energy you need to take on your day.  

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    Food for thought - 2010.11.01

    Which foods to stay far away from and which to eat to your heart’s content.  

VIDEOS BY Kathy Zador, Lives with fibromyalgia

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    Learning to cope - 2011.02.16

    How you adapt to your fibromyalgia makes a dramatic difference in your physical and emotional well-being. 

VIDEOS BY Julie-Ann Elissalde, Occupational therapist

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    Getting into position - 2010.11.01

    Good body mechanics and a centre of gravity do much to reduce your pain and increase your productivity. 

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    Making the right adjustments - 2010.11.01

    It’s not only what you do, but how you do it that can make things less painful and ease the burden.  

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    Finding the proper pace - 2010.11.01

    Integrating the proper movements and positions into your daily activities is key – but don’t get overdoitis. 

VIDEOS BY George Zador, Kathy's Husband

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    She never gives up - 2010.10.18

    George’s wife Kathy not only fights her own fibromyalgia, but helps others do the same through her FibroMoves® classes.