The Future of Medical Marijuana in Canada

Medical marijuana can not be denied its efficacy any longer. It is well-placed within Canada as a source of relief for many people suffering from conditions that other medicines could doing nothing to treat. Recent changes to the regulations controlling medical marijuana will allow patients to grow their own plants at home. The recently elected Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is pro-recreational marijuana, and he claims that it will happen within the next year. Whether or not he can make good on his promise, the tide is turning for the entire cannabis market in Canada.

Current Affairs

Once these new regulations are put into effect at the end of August, patients will be allowed to grow a certain number of plants that corresponds to their prescription. Patients can grow either indoors or outdoors, which means the plants will be much more present in the public eye. Patients even have the option of choosing someone to grow for them. That provision ensures even the patients who are physically incapable of growing for themselves can still have it grown on their property for the sake of convenience. These new regulations are not meant to be permanent, but instead are a response by Health Canada to a court decision that found in favor of a medical cannabis patient who felt he had limited access to the medicine because of his mobility.

The Growing Market

There are currently only 34 licensed growers in Canada. These 34 growers are the only government sanctioned grow sites, at least until the new regulations allow all patients to grow legally. Before the new regulations, patients were forced to go through one of those 34 suppliers, so those businesses will see a dip in sales. That is why many of them are lobbying against these changes. They prefer the pseudo-monopoly they’ve created over the market. If Prime Minister Trudeau’s statement about legal recreational marijuana within the year is accurate, those businesses will completely lose their edge on the market.

Fully Legal Cannabis

Medical cannabis may become a thing of the past when recreational cannabis is made legal. There would be no need for it as a category, unless a patient wanted to spend an exorbitant price for a product that is made up to higher medical standards. CBD users will still need a medical producer of the drug as well. However, those who merely use raw cannabis to treat their conditions will no longer have to go through a doctor to buy their medicine. They can simply join the recreational users at one of the many new marijuana lounges that will invariably form after full legalization occurs. Prices will also drop dramatically since the market will be saturated right away, so medical users can reduce their budget for the medicine.